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Well, I was thinking that there was nothing to say about the Wirral until a certain headline just grabbed my attention. You can't really get more intriguing than "Wirral pet shop owner denies selling monkeys illegally after police raid store" now can you. I really don't think I want to read this in case it doesn't live up to the title. I'm never to sure about Wirral anyway, I know it's near Birkenhead, which is near Liverpool. I know it's a peninsula [latin paena almost & insula island] but after that I really haven't got a clue, I wouldn't know where to start, I was to go to Merseyside I wouldn't know the best hotels in the Wirral are, don't know the best reastaurants don't even know if they have a fitba team, except Liverpool of course. But I'm not sure if that counts.

Not that I'm going there, I just loved that title, and felt I should share it with the world.


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