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Instalation Services Now
LinkMünki, ENLM, John Meffen
Replace your central heating system now!

I know it seems counter-intuitive, counter-productive and any other counter-thing you can think about. But if you think it through, you would see that the time that all the engineers are at their busiest is the middle of the winter, and certainly not the weeks building into summer. On top of that all the companies are facing a dearth of people wishing to replace their old boilers etc, so now is the time that they are more likely to offer discounts.

I know that everyone is tightening their belts at the moment but surely it would much better to replace your central heating before it breaks, and not afterward when it is more likely to cost you far more, and it is more likely that you need the heat.

Of course this doesn't mean to have to rush into it blindly, there are many places out there where you can explore the possibilities, the ins and outs of this somewhat large decision.


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