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PR, PR, or PR
LinkMünki, ENLM, John Meffen
It has been a time of PR recently: Press Releases, Proportional Representation, Personal Resources and that other one nobody else thinks about. The first three are the same as every other day in my love I don't have to go on about it, you have it in your lives.

But the main one is that named after one of the main googlistas Larry Page:he was the man that invented the google algorithm and therefore he invented PageRank. For all of the unintitiated out there PageRank is google's method of rating the worth of any website, it does this by checking how many other relevant pages link to any page, and does a big computation.

Anyway one of my nonsense blogs, now has a pagerank of 1 [hey it's a start]. And that's one of the main things that people who do search engine optimisation care about, links and pagerank.

Anyway, this better be the start of bigger things to come, as I want pagerank everywhere, and I want more chrome extensions, and I want more money ...................................................... [better go now]


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