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Marks & Spencers
LinkMünki, ENLM, John Meffen
 Marks and Spencers that company famed throughout the whole of the United Kingdom for it's quality and respected for its integrity has been branching out over the last couple of years into newer and more modern things.

In recent times M&S have branched into furniture and televisions, their shops have started selling branded food products alongside their own, my local store has its own cafe, now there is even M&S energy available. all this from a tiny little market stall.

It is interesting to note that Marks and Sparks have moved beyond that simple name brand in recent years to include other sub-brands such as Per Una & Autograph moving against tradition. Whilst we can hardly envisage the day when they seriously rival stores such as the supermarkets of our day, with the loss of Woolworths, Boots and Marks & Spencers are the only leading major High Street retailers left in Britain. You are virtually guaranteed to find one in every major town across the land.

I'm going to keep watching them closely in the future to see what developments if any happen.


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