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Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is truly one of the most beautiful, yet compact cities in the world. Yes, it isn't as big as London, Birmingham or even Glasgow, but it has more to offer than those cities, in my humble opinion.

Edinburgh has beautifully scenic views from almost every part of the city, especially the views from the new town over on to the old town. The new town was built to house the rapid expansion of Edinburgh during the Georgian and Edwardian eras, and it is from this period that we find some of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Many of the larger buildings have now been converted into some of the finests hotels in Edinburgh,most of these afford a fantastic view of both the Castle and the lovely Princes Street Gardens.

Add onto this all the Government bodies now located in Edinburgh, the close proximity of the Theatres, Museums, libraries, restaurants, and Edinburgh makes a fantastic place to visit, for either just a short break or for a lengthy holiday.

Glasgow smiles better, but Edinburgh's miles better.


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