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Verve Grill
LinkMünki, ENLM, John Meffen
We were getting a bit sick of pizzas and ready meals the other night so somebody [ie the other half] decided that we were going out. It was decided that we were going out for something "traditional" and the nearest place was the Verve Grill in a local hotel. Now I can't say I am against grills in as of themselves, but it still seems like well-burnt meat in my brain [not quite pizza then].

I was therefore pleasantly taken aback when I was immediately reminded how good a steak can be just by those brown burnt stripes [I'm not sure if they have words for them], when my steak was served I almost forgot my cardinal rule to eat the best bits last and almost dived in. But I managed, just, strangely enough the other half still had enough space for a desert [again, I don't know...].

I'm not sure about eating in hotels, but I liked what I ate, maybe it was because I wasn't a guest.....


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