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Furniture Sales through the Roof
LinkMünki, ENLM, John Meffen
Shopping in the UK showed an unexpected boost during the Easter Period. According to reports in this weeks press, much of this was caused by some of the fiercest competition on the High Street in years driving down prices.

Overall, total retail figures across the country were at their highest level since 2006. What was surprising was that not only was this reflected across the whole retail sector. But that the growth was also shown in some sector where it was not especially expected.

Take for example the furniture sector, in a part of the economy which is renowned for being a big sale, therefore a very big decision, so people do not make them lightly, nor rush into them.

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This must be encouraging news for all the major furniture retailers as this must be seen as a possible way out of the gloomy times that we have just been through. Well lets hope so anyway.


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